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When your images tell the story...

The Photo Legacy Package is designed for those who want to create a more image-intensive book, such as a family chronicle with photos, a school project, a cookbook or a children's picture book. Our Legacy Isle team will work with you to polish your prose and create a professional layout—with full-color interior and cover—for a high-quality softcover finished product in quantities as low as 50 copies.

You should consider the Photo Legacy Package if… want to showcase your images in a professional format, but don't want the hassle of figuring out how to add images to a template. The Photo Legacy Package provides families, businesses and community groups a way to tell their stories and preserve them in book form; this option is a step beyond the basic click-and-order books available online or at photo centers—you can include detailed text, which we edit for grammar and clarity, and a live production assistant will place your book into an attractive layout. want to publish your children's picture book or a story written and illustrated by your child. Have illustrations, but don't know how to digitize them correctly and combine them with your text? We can help. Simply add our Image Scanning service and we'll take care of the rest. want to publish a cookbook with recipe photos. Are you a fabulous home cook who'd like to document your creations in a beautiful, user-friendly format? Share your recipes with family and friends. Cookbooks are a wonderful way to pass on family recipes (include family photos with your favorite dishes), or raise funds for a school or community group.

What’s included…


Copyediting services

A professional writer/editor reviews your manuscript (up to 10,000 words for a 48-page book of text and photos) for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Design and layout

Your edited text and up to 100 images are laid out in the Legacy Isle cover and text design templates of your choice. A minimum of 40 pages and a maximum of 48 pages are included in the base package.

Quality printing

Fifty (50) perfect-bound, softcover copies of your finished book are printed in an attractive 8x10 inch (portrait or landscape) format, with black text and full-color images on uncoated page stock and a laminated four-color cover.

Package Base Price—$5,950

The base package includes up to 10,000 words and 100 color images; a submission of this size would result in a finished product of approximately 48 pages (24 pages of editorial content, 24 image pages), plus cover.

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Additional options:


Word/Image count upgrade

Total manuscript of up to 15,000 words (total manuscript length) and 150 total images — $1,950
(total 64 pages, plus cover, maximum)

Image scanning

$175 per 20 images, or fraction thereof

We suggest clients who are unsure how to scan at proper resolution and color mode add this option to their package. Clients who submit digital images at insufficient resolution may be asked to add this option as well.

Hardcover treatment

Full-color, laminated hardcover — $2,190 (base package, 48-page book) / $2,950 (64-page book)

Service Upgrades

Professional Package Upgrade — $1,900 (base package, 48-page book) / $2,200 (64-page book) / $2,900 (hardcover, 48-page book) / $3,300 (hardcover, 64-page book)

The Photo Legacy Professional Package Upgrade combines the same services included in our standard Professional Package with the format options of the standard Photo Legacy Package. Service upgrades include a custom cover, a total of 150 printed copies of your book, a 30-day Legacy Client Spotlight Feature placement on our website, a listing on our Legacy Clients Bookshelf and a Publicity Package CD. The CD includes our Book Marketing Guidelines and a professionally-written press release tailored specifically to your title. For more information on these items, please visit our Publicity Materials page.

Distribution Services upgrade (basic; requires purchase of the Pro Package Upgrade) — $3,100 (base size book, 48-pages) / $3,500 (64-page book)

Add distribution — $105 quarterly fee

Add mainland bookstore distribution — $55 one-time fee + $105 quarterly fee

The Distribution Services upgrade includes: an initial publicity blast by Legacy Isle to appropriate media; client's title made available for Hawai‘i retail channel distribution* which may include local bookstores and "big box" stores, as well as the Legacy Isle online bookstore; an additional 300 copies printed for the retail distribution market (these copies ultimately belong to the client and any unsold copies revert to the client at the conclusion of the one-year distribution agreement period); ISBN (International Serial Book Number) registered to Legacy Isle Publishing as the publisher of record. (Distribution Client titles must be released under the Legacy Isle Publishing imprint in order to ensure continuity in the distribution channel.) The Distribution Upgrade is subject to a one-year term agreement. Please see our Distribution FAQs for further details.

Clients may opt to add and/or Mainland bookstore distribution.* The add-on requires a quarterly charge which covers shipping and handling fees. This fee is refundable if no orders are received from in a quarter period. The Mainland bookstore distribution add-on requires a one-time fee which is non-refundable, as well as a quarterly (refundable) fee.

*Availability in the distribution market does not guarantee that any individual store or chain of stores will choose to stock a title. Please see our Distribution FAQs for further details.

Additional copies



Base Package
(48-page book)

64-page book













Note: Reprints require a 50-copy minimum



Base Package
(48-page book)

64-page book







Note: Reprints require a 50-copy minimum

E-book files

Image-Based Fixed-Layout EPUB & MOBI files — $95

Text-Based Fixed-Layout EPUB & MOBI files — $795 (add $95 if adding word/image count upgrade)

Our e-book file option includes a set of files optimized for Kindle Fire and iPad devices. These fixed-layout formats do not work on older e-readers, and Barnes & Noble does not currently allow independent submissions of fixed-layout files.

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Before making a purchase, be sure to read the Detailed Package Description


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