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Your words in pixels, not print

We understand that not every client needs printed copies of their book. Our E-Book Only Package includes the same high standard of editing given to our print clients, and a professional cover and text layout that will allow your e-book to stand out as a work of quality.

You should consider the E-Book Only Package if...

...you want the same level of care and attention that goes into a print book, but you just don't need the physical copies. It's simple to produce an e-book; we know you could do it yourself at home. What's not so simple is finding an editor to help you refine your manuscript and a designer who will ensure your book looks good, whether it's seen in-person or on-screen. That's where we come in.

What’s included…


Copyediting services

A professional writer/editor reviews your manuscript (up to 10,000 words) for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Design and layout

Your edited text and up to 20 images are laid out in the Legacy Isle cover and text design templates of your choice. E-Book Package clients have the option of selecting either Standard Text Layout (images appear above or below text and may be color or black-and-white), which includes text search functionality, or Image-Based Fixed Layout (text and images are rendered as single pages) which does not allow text to be searched. Clients may also upgrade to Text-Based Fixed Layout (text and image layout are preserved and text is searchable) for an additional fee. For more information on these formats, please read the Detailed Package Description.


You will receive EPUB and MOBI files in the latest supported file version, as well as a PDF file. The files provided are optimized for iPad, Kindle and Nook devices, however, EPUB files may be uploaded to any major e-book retailer or distribution service.

We do not offer end-user support, nor advise clients on distributing their e-book files. Please see our Resources Section for information on e-book distribution.

Package Base Price$3,950

Click here to read the Detailed Package Description.

Additional options:

Word/Image count upgrade

Level 1 Upgrade: up to 20,000 words (total manuscript length) and 40 black & white images — $1,950
(corresponds to approximately 96 printed pages, maximum)

Level 2 Upgrade: up to 30,000 words (total manuscript length) and 60 black & white images— $3,950
(corresponds to approximately 144 printed pages, maximum)

Each incremental increase includes up to 10,000 additional words and 20 additional images; a manuscript of 15,000 words may therefore include a total of 40 images.

Image scanning

$175 per set of 20 images, or fraction thereof

We suggest clients who are unsure how to scan at proper resolution and color mode add this option to their package. Clients who submit digital images at insufficient resolution may be asked to add this option as well.

Before making a purchase, be sure to read the Detailed Package Description.

Text-Based Fixed Layout upgrade

Text-Based Fixed-Layout EPUB & MOBI files — $795 (add $95 per word/image count upgrade)

Text-Based Fixed Layout formatting allows your book to display text flowed around images, enables hyperlinking, and allows your text to be searched. This layout style is suited for image-intensive books where it is important to preserve the look of the layout. Consult our Detailed Package Description for a fuller explanation of the difference between layout options.


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