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The affordable way to share your story with family and friends

The ‘Ohana Package is designed to help you self-publish your memoir, family history or corporate message in a limited quantity—as few as 50 copies. Our Legacy Isle team will work with you to polish your prose and create a professional layout—with black-and-white interior and full-color cover—and to print a high-quality softcover finished product.

You should consider the 'Ohana Package if…

...you simply want a professionally edited and produced book to distribute among a small group of friends and family. The ‘Ohana Package is an excellent way for individuals or families to chronicle their stories and traditions and preserve them in book form. This option goes well beyond the basic click-and-order books available online or at photo centers—we edit your text for grammar and clarity, and a live production assistant will place your book into an attractive layout.

…you are a business person or company looking to share your expertise with your clients or potential clients.  A book is an excellent calling card that can help you promote your business. The ‘Ohana Package provides services to help you produce a book you can be proud of, whether you give it away as a premium item or offer it in a retail environment.

What’s included…


Copyediting services

A professional writer/editor reviews your manuscript (up to 10,000 words—approximately 30 book pages of editorial content) for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Design and layout

Your edited text and up to 20 images are laid out in the Legacy Isle cover and text design templates of your choice.

Quality printing

Fifty (50) perfect-bound, softcover copies of your finished book are printed in the industry-standard size of 6x9 inches, with black text and images on uncoated page stock and a laminated four-color cover.

Package Base Price—$4,950

The base package includes up to 10,000 words and 20 black and white images; a submission of this size would result in a finished product of approximately 48 pages (32 pages of editorial content, 16 image pages).

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Additional options:


Word/Image count upgrade

Level 1 Upgrade: up to 20,000 words (total manuscript length) and 40 black & white images — $1,950
(approximately 96 pages, maximum)

Level 2 Upgrade: up to 30,000 words (total manuscript length) and 60 black & white images — $3,950
(approximately 144 pages, maximum)

Each incremental increase includes up to 10,000 additional words and 20 additional images; a manuscript of 15,000 words may therefore include a total of 40 images.

Color photo insert

8-page insert — $295

Two 8-page inserts — $395

Three 8-page inserts — $495

Color inserts must be added in 8-page sections. Insert sections may be added in a single location, or spread throughout the book.

Image scanning

$175 per set of 20 images, or fraction thereof

We suggest that clients unfamiliar with scanning at proper resolution and color mode add this option to their packages. Clients who submit digital images at insufficient resolution may also be required to add this option.

Hardcover treatment

Full-color, laminated hardcover — $2,250 (base package, 48-page book) / $2,750 (96-page book) / $3,250 (144-page book)

The hardcover treatment upgrade includes 100 hardcover copies; purchasing this upgrade means you do not receive any softcover books.

Additional copies



Base Package
(48-page book)

96-page book

144-page book

















Note: Softcover reprints require a 50-copy minimum



Base Package
(48-page book)

96-page book

144-page book









Note: Softcover reprints require a 100-copy minimum

E-book file

EPUB & MOBI files — $95

Our e-book file option includes a set of files optimized for Kindle, iPad and Nook.

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Before making a purchase, be sure to read the complete Detailed Package Description.


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